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As we all know, Bagan is a land of pagodas and ruins. So, you might think that all you can do in Bagan is to visit the pagodas and explore at the archaeology-sites. That is not all you can do in Bagan. Because, there area other interesting places to visit in Bagan only if you know where to go. Just rent an E-bike upon your arrival and hop on it to start your journey. Add these places on your to do list to have a fun and interesting trip to Bagan.


Set Set Yo Village

Children from Set Set yo village

Set Set Yo village is an hour away from Bagan and it is well-known for keeping alive a millenia-old hairstyle. Almost all of the kids in this village have unique topknot (Yaung-Pay-Sue) hairstyle and many visitors visit them every year. Many of the visitors usually donate snacks and stationary for the kids in the village. You will be warmly welcome to the village and have a fun time with the kids with ancient hairstyle.

A child from Set Set Yo village

Palm Wine ( Htan Yay ) shops

Htan Yay (Palm Wine) is a natural alcoholic beverage that created from the palm tree. Palm wine is also known as matango, tumbu liquor, etc. There are many palm wine shops around Bagan and you can enjoy Myanmar’s famous Htan Yay. If you wish to taste the sweet palm wine, visit the Htan Yay shops in the morning before 12:00PM. Because, Htan Yay become bitter in the afternoon, but if you prefer bitter Htan Yay, visit there after 12:00PM. Some of the big Htan-Yay shops are one of the best spots to see the beautiful sunset of Bagan.

The following are some famous Palm Wine shops around Bagan.

Which is around 30 minutes driving distance from Bagan and it is located on the Bagan- Kyauk Paduang Road. You can easily recognize it beside the road because of it’s amazing structure. This is the most popular Palm Wine shop among local because of it’s structure.

A nyar Lat Saung Palm Shop

Another Palm Shop is named as Pai Htan Tae (Pai Palm Tent) which is also located on the same highway road of Bagan to Kyauk Padaung.  At that place you can also observe how jaggery is made from Palm wine. They are demonstration the process of making jaggery there. You can also buy some local foods and jaggery there.

Htan yay and snacks at Pai Palm House

Palin River View Elephant Camp

Another places to visit in Bagan is Palin River View Elephant camp. It is only about 15 minutes away from Bagan. You can feed the elephants and give a bath for them. You can also ride the elephants and see the beautiful scenery of Ayerwaddy river.

Palin River View Elephant Camp

Sunset can be also enjoyed from the top of the Elephants along Ayarwaddy river bank. The elephants from this camp used to work for logging but now they are retired. It is a great place for families and friends to visit, and your trip to Bagan will be more memorable.

Palin River view elephant camp

Lacquerware workshops

Bagan is famous for maintaining the traditional lacquerware business and the processes of making lacquerware are very interesting. You can check out the different beautiful traditional crafts and bring some of them back home as souvenir. You will be warmly welcome to the workshops and give you the detailed descriptions of how they produce lacquerware.

Mont Popa

Mont Popa is an inactive volcano and only about an hour away from Bagan. There is a famous pagoda on top of Mont-Popa and the scenery from the top of the mountain is priceless. There are many monkeys on the mountain but they are not friendly. So, you’d better not approach them but you can feed them from distance. Many tourists usually take a bicycle trip or motor bike trip to Mont Popa and it is a fun trip. We guarantee it.

Jetty and boat trip

You can also take a short boat trips in Bagan. There are several jetty areas for short boat trip. The easiest and nearest jetty is the one near to Buu Pagoda. But you will get just a so called boat trip (Yah.. It is short as 15 minutes trip along Ayarwaddy river). At Buu Pagoda Jetty area, there are several assorted fried vegetables and prawn shops and they will persuade you to sit and try their assorted fried. I would like to recommend you to make sure to know the price in advance. Beware of over priced fried prawn.

There is one jetty and boat trip service managed by foreigner in Bagan. It’s name is Fantasia Garden & Jetty (Boat Trips ).  This is real boat trip and you can even enjoy sunset from the Boat in Ayarwaddy river. There is also a coffee shop offering a good coffee and some local snacks.

At the bank of Ayarwaddy river at Show Boat Service

This is our list of places to visit in Bagan. If you want to know more info like detailed address or contact number of above places, please leave comment below. You may also would like to read about things to do in Bagan. Here is the link about things to do in Bagan.


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