Things to bring to Bagan on your trip

What to bring to Bagan

As Myanmar is located in South East Asia, most of the things to bring to Bagan and Myanmar are more or less the same as other South East Asia countries. But there may be some peculiar items you may want to bring to Bagan. Here is our note on  “what to bring to Bagan”.

Travel and health insurance

In the past, not all the health facilities in Myanmar accept health insurance scheme from your insurance providers. But nowadays, some of the hospitals and clinics in Myanmar accept health insurance scheme. So it is good to have health insurance.

Needless to say that you need travel insurance for your trip to Bagan.


Deodorant available in Myanmar and Bagan will not match with your need as most of the deodorant is from Thailand. They are more likes perfumes. You need to check it’s ingredients before you purchase. What we would like to recommend you is to bring your deodorant along with you.

Mosquito and insect repellent

Myanmar is famous for malaria especially in the southern part of Myanmar and delta area. Bagan region is said to be safer than the southern part for Malaria infection, but you still have a chance to get malaria and other mosquito-borne infections. So you should bring mosquito and insect repellent together with you.
You can also purchase mosquito repellent in Myanmar, but not very easy to find it in Bagan.


If you are visiting Bagan around November and December, you may not need to take sunscreen. Weather in Bagan at that time is really cold and the sun is not too bright because of cloudy.
But if you are visiting Bagan around March and April, you surely need to bring Sunscreen. The sun will surely burn your skin at that time.
Using sunscreen is not a regular thing in Bagan, as most of the local just use the umbrella when they go outside. So you may not easily find the sunscreen in Bagan unless you purchase from hotel counter with the high price.

Small Padlock

It is not happening all the time, but sometimes passenger loses their belongings while traveling by bus or by flight in Myanmar. So you are advised to lock your luggage with a padlock.
And also you are advised to lock your luggage while staying at the hotel and guest house when you go outside.

Clean and unfolded US Dollars

If your US Dollars have some stains on it or seriously folded, you will face a problem at Exchange counter in Myanmar. Myanmar Exchange counter will not accept dirty US Dollars or folded one. They will refuse to accept it. It is strange, hah. But it is happening. So bring clean (unstained) and unfolded US dollars to Myanmar.

Copy of your passport and national ID

You are advised to keep your passport and national ID in the safest place. Also, it is not a good idea to bring your original passport and national ID all the time when you go outside. If your hotel has a safe locker, leave your passport there. Instead of the original passport, you can bring a copy when going outside especially for a night outing.

Passport size bag is also handy things to bring with you.

Drinking Bottle

It is easy to buy a drinking bottle everywhere in Bagan. But we cannot grantee quality of all of these bottles. The good brand name is Alpine, Oasis and designer water. So that you are advised to bring your own drinking bottle and fill water at the hotel before going outside. We are not sure that you will find a good one outside.

Check this BPA free water bottle:


If you need to take regular medication, bring these medicines together with you. Myanmar is famous for many over the counter drug pharmacies. But you cannot get the medicine you regular take at these pharmacies. So it is better to bring extra medicine with you.


If you are coming to Bagan around March or April, you will surely need an umbrella to protect you from deadly bright and hot sunlight. Even you use sunscreen, you may still need to use the umbrella. You can also buy the umbrella at the local market. But if you have a free space in your luggage, bring it.

Small Torch

Nowadays, you can use your mobile phone as a torch, but it will not last for a long time and it will drain your mobile battery. So bring a small torch with the extra battery pack. You may face an electricity shortage in Bagan if you are unlucky enough.

Power Bank

If you are a heavy mobile device user or if you don’t want to lost connection with the world, it is better to bring power bank for your mobile device. You may not be able to recharge your mobile phone everyplace in Bagan.

Sweets and chocolates

Bring your favorite sweets and chocolates. You can have it when you feel hungry or you need sugars. In Bagan, sometimes you will be approached by local kids and they will bargain tips from you. You are not encouraged to give cash as a tip to them. You can pay sweets and chocolates instead if you are a generous person. If they are not happy with sweets and chocolates, just leave them.

Slippers or sandals

In Bagan, you will be asked to take off your shoes when entering temples and pagoda compound and when climbing up the temples. You also need to take off your socks. So it is better to wear a slipper on the day when you explore temples and pagodas.

Things you don’t need to bring to Bagan

After reading several travel blogs, your luggage will be full with packing lists. But some of the items may not be necessary nowadays.

The following are the items you don’t need to bring and leave them at your home.

Personal protective device

You don’t need to bring pepper spray, stun device to protect you. Bagan is safe enough for you if you follow all the tourist rules and regulations.

Heavy Thick Jacket

Weather in Bagan is not too cold even in the winter season (November, December, and January). A light jacket will be helpful to protect you from the cold.



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