Palm wine at Bagan

Why you should try Palm Wine (Htan Yay)

Bagan is surrounded by the forests of Wine Trees and there are many palm wine shops around Bagan. During your visit to Bagan, you should try the nutritional, traditional, medical and natural beverage palm wine also known as Htan yay. Palm Wine (Htan yay) has cloudy whitish color and it has a sweet alcoholic taste. The taste of palm wine gets stronger and stronger the longer the fermentation process. People who like sweeter taste of palm wine, they drink it before 11 AM. There are many benefits of palm wine and here are the reasons why you definitely try it. Even though palm wine has many benefits, too much is never good.

Htan Yay

Health benefits

You might not believe that an alcoholic drink can prevent you from getting cardiovascular diseases. Believe it or not, palm wine can definitely minimize the risk of having heart failure. The antibacterial properties of palm wine can treat food-borne and diarrhea as well. Palm wine is also used in traditional medicine to cure stomach problems. Not only drinking palm wine can give health benefits, but also applying directly on the skin can treat skin rashes. Palm wine contains riboflavin which can fight against cancer.

Increase eyesight

It is quite surprising that the elderly in the villages have better eyesight than us because palm-wine can boost eyesight. The antioxidant, vitamin C and vitamin B1 that are contained in the palm wine can improve the vision.

Beauty benefits

If you are a person who cares so much about the skin, hair, and nail, you should definitely try palm-wine. Drinking the natural beverage can help to repair the damaged tissues and grow healthy cells again. You will have clearer skin, better hair, and healthier nails if you drink palm wine. So, find a nice Htan Yay shop, try some and feel prettier.

Increase lactation

Moms are usually told to stay away from the alcoholic beverages. However, a mom who has limited breast milk production should take some palm wine to increase lactation. A cup of palm-wine is enough, so don’t drink too much because it is still a kind of alcoholic drink.

Slow down aging

Drinking palm wine can also help you to slow down the aging process. The vitamin and minerals that are contained in the palm wine can help you look young and beautiful. If you are worried about the aging lines on your face, try some palm wine during your trip to Myanmar.

Less health risk than other alcoholic beverage

Since palm wine is a natural beverage with health benefits, it is safer to drink compared to other alcoholic drinks. However, excessive intake of palm wine can also damage your kidney and liver. So don’t drink too much and too often.

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